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Upcoming Events

Julie Angus at Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks book club

Julie Angus will be a guest for the autumn opening night of Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks book club, where epicurean books are paired with literary meals and lively conversation. Her book, Olive Odyssey, is one of the three book selections.

September 10
Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks
1740 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC

Jake MacDonald, Casting Quiet Waters Book Launch

Jake MacDonald  debuts this collection of ruminations on life and fishing with McNally Robinson Booksellers.

November 9
Grant Park in the Atrium
1740 West 2nd Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

Upcoming Writers' Festivals

Greystone authors Candace Savage, Ian McAllister, Ian Coutts, Chris Turner, Else Poulsen, Jennifer Kingsley, Jane Christmas, Thomas Keenan, Elizabeth May, and Julie Angus will be appearing at various writers' festivals in the fall. Visit the sites below to learn more.

Else Poulsen
Winnipeg International Writers Festival - Thin Air
September 19 – 27

Ian Coutts and Chris Turner
Kingston Writers Fest
September 24 – 28

Jennifer Kingsley, Thomas Keenan, and Elizabeth May
Calgary Writers Festival - Wordfest
October 14 – 19

Jane Christmas
Edmonton LitFest
October 17 – 26

Julie Angus
International Festival of Authors
October 23 – November 2

Candace Savage, Ian McAllister, and Jennifer Kingsley
Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival
November 1 – 9

Greystone News

BitLit's Canada Summer Reads Program

Greystone has partnered with BitLit for their Canada Summer Reads Program. By downloading the BitLit app on your iPhone or Android, you can receive a free ebook version with the purchase of any Greystone title at participating independent bookstores.

Go to BitLit's website for more information.

Bärle's Story: Q&A

Bärle's Story is now available! Read a special Q&A with the author, Else Poulsen. She talks about the proper living conditions for polar bears, their natural hunting instincts, and their amazing ability to recover.

Fall 2014 Catalogue

The Greystone Fall 2014 Catalogue is now available! Have a look at our upcoming titles!

And Then There Were Nuns Short-Listed for 2014 Word Award

Greystone is thrilled to announce that And Then There Were Nuns has been short-listed for the 2014 Word Award in the Book – Life Stories category. And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life documents Christmas's stay in a series of convents to see whether she is, as she puts it, "nun material." Living among these communities of cloistered nuns and monks, she shares—and occasionally rails against—the silent, reverent, pared-down existence she has sought all her life. With insight and humour, she provides a glimpse into a seldom seem lifestyle.

Jane Christmas's previous books include What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim and Incontinent on the Continent. The Word Awards recognizes talented Canadian writers who are Christian, and celebrates their pursuits in writing.

Andrew Nikiforuk on The Extraenvironmentalist

Andrew Nikiforuk appears on the latest Extraenvironmentalist podcast to talk about his book The Energy of Slaves as part of a discussion on global energy resources and the consequences of a fossil fuel dependency.

The Extraenvironmentalist is an environmental sustainability blog, video, and podcast series.

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